Friday, November 15, 2013

Denmark is Letting Down the Side

Among the more surprising social developments of the early twenty-first century is the advance of Scandinavia, of all places, into the vanguard of popular culture, at least in the industrialized world.  Today Americans and Europeans play a bird-themed game from Finland on their smartphones (and at one time bought most of the phones from Finland as well), read Swedish detective novels about tattooed hackers and world-weary policemen, and shake their backsides to the musical stylings of Norwegian furries.  Even Iceland is becoming a tourist destination for aging hipsters who remember how much they once liked Bjork.  One Scandinavian people, however, has yet to step up and produce a distinctive popular cultural artifact: the Danes.  Come on, Denmark!  You were once a power to be reckoned with, and I’ll bet there is still much trashy greatness in you.  At least give us a pop group akin to Smile DK, or an eccentric feel-good movie or two.


Rob said...

You appear to have missed the massive cultural phenomenon of quality Danish TV.
The Killin, The Bridge, Borgen, with more in the pipeline.
Europe, especially the UK can't get enough of it.

Dave Nichols said...

Thank you, sir! I stand corrected.