Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks to My Commenters

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of this weblog, I'd like to express my appreciation of my readers, and particularly those who took the time to comment on my posts:

Mssr. Deaf Dionysus (1.28.11)
Susan M. Frey (1.19.11)
Ian Kammann (10.24.10)
Anonymous (9.9.10)
Elena O'Malley (6.23.09, 12.27.08, 9.17.08, 5.10.08, 3.26.08)

Todd Jeffcoat (9.7.09)
Ryan (8.12.09)
Cathy Kammer (12.04.08, 6.8.08, 4.22.08)
Clare Sammells (12.4.08)
Chantal Hachem (8.18.08, 8.9.08, 7.28.08)
Patrick Nichols (4.27.07, 4.20.07)
Robert Bricken (4.20.07)
Yvonne Aburrow (2.21.06)

Your observations have improved this blog's content, and your interest has helped sustain it through sixty months and more than 150 posts. Please accept my thanks.


Clare said...

Hi Dave!

Thank you! I have been reading, although now that I'm on the tenure-track I comment less. Keep it coming!


orbrover said...

Hi David,

Yes, I enjoy reading your blog. I have it set up to feed to my Google Reader. Your entries always amaze. Thank you!