Thursday, November 03, 2011

Track Repairs Ahead; Expect Delays

Your humble narrator has spent the last few weeks attending the Southern Historical Association conference in Baltimore and the Ethnohistory conference in Pasadena, and in addition has taken a break from his usual blogging to review the previous 184 entries and to fix or eliminate broken links (of which there are a few). This process being almost over, he expects to return to regular blogging next week, with a summary report of the papers he heard at the Ethnohistory meeting.

Meanwhile, a quote from Michael Lewis's book Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World (New York, 2011), which is as good as everyone says it is:

“Because Iceland is really just one big family, it’s simply annoying to go around asking Icelanders if they’ve met Björk. Of course they’ve met Björk; who hasn’t met Björk? Who, for that matter, didn’t know Björk when she was two? ‘Yes, I know Björk,’ a professor of finance at the University of Iceland says in reply to my question, in a weary tone. ‘She can’t sing, and I know her mother from childhood, and they were both crazy. That she is so well known outside of Iceland tells me more about the world than it does about Björk” (p. 11).

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