Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Ayn Rand School for Tots, Revisited

Last month, the Board of Trustees of Antioch College, a modestly famous 155-year-old liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio (and alma mater of Coretta Scott King and Rod Serling), announced that the college would suspend operations next summer. Last week, Sheldon Jackson College, a 129-year-old Presbyterian school in Sitka, Alaska, announced that it would also suspend operations next June, due to severe cash-flow problems. But all is not doom and gloom in the world of small, ideologically-driven institutions of higher learning. Founders College, a four-year college dedicated to the Objectivist ideals of Ayn Rand, plans to matriculate its first class of undergraduates this fall. The location, on a former plantation in South Boston, Virginia, is a bit remote, but the teacher-student ratio is hard to beat. As of July 2007, Founders College employs six full-time faculty and has enrolled fifteen students. (Chronicle of Higher Education, July 13, 2007.)

[Update, 8 Oct. 2011: All the links on the original version of this article being broken, the author has removed them.]

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